What Sets Us Apart?

Research-based System for Struggling Readers

We developed our tools in a university laboratory helping students with identified reading problems. Many of these students had not benefited from standard reading interventions.

Some ways in which our online tools are superior to others:

  1. Most other procedures measure only the accuracy of reading performance. Accurate reading performance that is painfully slow is not skilled reading. This is why we measure both speed and accuracy. Fluent reading is both fast and accurate.
  2. Most other procedures do not provide an indication of a poorly developed skill that is blocking reading progress. Our assessments show the specific, poorly-developed skill that is blocking progress.
  3. Most other procedures provide complicated reports that are available after the assessment—but not often in a timely fashion. Our software provides instantly available reports that are designed to be readily understandable by parents and reading professionals.
  4.  Many reading improvement systems require professional expertise to use.  Our software system is easily usable by both professionals and non-professionals such as parents.
  5. Our procedures have a strong research basis with methods and results published in scientific journals.

Why Use Reading Success Lab?

  • If your student has struggled learning to read
  • We are not phonics based
  • We base our interventions on the results of our diagnostic tests
  • Our interventions have proven effective with a broad range of reading difficulties
  • Our emphasis is on building automatic (fast and accurate) letter and word identification skills
  • Students begin interventions at a difficulty level where they can succeed
  • As a student masters materials they move to materials of increasing difficulty
  • We have interventions for beginning readers through college level subject matter
  • One can add custom material to our intervention system to meet their specific needs
  • Our tracking system allows you to frequently test for progress over time

The Reading Success Lab software is an important part of our work. We use it to assess and monitor the learning needs of middle school students in over two thousand schools throughout Australia. The thorough research base and flexibility of the Reading Success Lab sets this system apart. Every school (and home) should have one!

Lorraine G., Ph.D., University of New England, AU