Signs of Dyslexia

Early Signs of Dyslexia

In pre-school dyslexia signs are related to language learning. Children may have:

  • Delays in learning to speak
  • Articulation difficulties that are resistant to correction
  • Difficulties in learning letter names
  • Problems learning nursery rhymes
  • Siblings or close relatives with reading problems

Signs of Dyslexia in Early School Years

A child in early school years may:

  • Have difficulty determining if words rhyme or whether two words start or end with the same sound
  • Have problems pulling words apart. What does “can” sound like if you take away the “c”?
  • Begin to hate having to read
  • Begin to feel other children are smarter because others can read
  • “Guess” at words when reading
  • Sound out words slowly and with many errors
  • Have poor reading accompanied by better math and oral vocabulary skills