For Mike (and Jeremy)

The SiMERR National Research Centre in Australia has been working with Reading Success Lab since 2000. This has been a very productive relationship for SiMERR and teachers in Australian primary and secondary schools in support of many tens of thousands of underachieving students in numeracy and literacy who have benefitted. Currently, more that 1,500 schools have accessed the Australian version of the CAAS software that has been integrated into the QuickSmart program offered by SiMERR to support small-class instruction. 

The CAAS program is used with each student involved in the program three times a week. The program typically requires students for 90 lessons (30 weeks) over a school year. It is important to us that the CAAS program ‘works’ – is reliable, and can function on various platforms available to students in schools across Australia. The fact that we are still using the program after 20 years is testimony to the usefulness and validity of the data it provides as well as the program’s robustness.

In addition, the ongoing support provided by Professor Royer and Jeremy Wise (Director Research and Development) has ensured that any new developments or amendments to the program are carefully thought through and implemented. Jeremy Wise even came out to Australia to ensure the whole process was fully understandable and operational within schools, and to support the initial training with teachers. This same training continues to be the basis of our current work with schools in Australia.

Professor John Pegg

Director SiMERR National Research Centre

University of New England


 I personally rely on this program as part of a tiered intervention strategy I utilize with the special population that  we serve.

Suzanne Halkyard/ Transitional Therapeutic Teacher/Special Education Teacher