Struggles With Reading

Struggles With Reading

Many students have difficulties in learning to read. The broad array of disorders that contribute to reading difficulties is referred to as dyslexia. This problem can be caused by issues with auditory processing, contributing to students having issues understanding what they're reading.

At Reading Success Lab, we create an individualized program for each reader to help them overcome their reading difficulties. While we know struggles with reading are a real challenge, they don't have to be. Rely on our program to help your reader.

How do you diagnose reading difficulties?

Reading difficulties are often diagnosed based on symptoms that the reader exhibits, such as problems reading or sounding out words. They may have trouble spelling and are typically slow readers. These readers may have trouble recognizing a known word or even understanding what they just read, an issue known as difficulties in reading comprehension.

How to help a student with trouble reading?

Struggles with reading can manifest in a variety of ways, and there are just as many ways to help your young reader. An online reading program, such as Reading Success Lab, is paramount to their success in learning how to read in a simple and convenient way.

You can also help your child at home, by working with them to recognize sight words, as well as help them make connections between letters and sounds during your everyday activities.

What are the top learning disabilities?

Dyslexia is above and beyond the most common learning disability that faces children in classrooms today. Struggles with reading are so commonplace that many schools have a reading specialist to work specifically with these children.

Other common learning disabilities include ADHD and processing deficits. Other disabilities such as dyscalculia affect a student's abilities in math, and dysgraphia can affect their abilities to learn to write, even exhibiting issues holding a pencil correctly.

How are learning disabilities treated?

Most learning disabilities are treated today by identifying the problem and working with the student to overcome the issue. For children with problems like ADHD, medication may be used to help their concentration and attention span. Reading specialists are special teachers who work with students with their diagnosed disability, such as dyslexia or dysgraphia.

How does Reading Success Lab’s online program work?

Our program was developed by James Mike Royer, Ph.D. and Jeremy Wise, Ph.D. These doctors created an online reading program that, using the computer, can diagnose reading difficulties and create an individualized plan to help the student. These programs can be used at home, in schools, or in tutoring situations, so everyone can be on the same page as the student.

This program is not phonics-based, which only treats a fraction of students who struggles with reading. With an emphasis on word recognition, students learn to read more accurately and faster than with some other reading programs. No one needs to struggle with dyslexia or other disabilities that cause difficulties with reading when we have methods available that can diagnose and treat the issue with ease.

Learn more by contacting the Reading Success Lab today to see how we can help your child learn to read easier!

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