Evaluation Types

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • A series of tasks ranging from simple to more difficult reading activities
  • Provide results in graphs and a comprehensive report that can be edited and printed
  • The comprehensive report pinpoints reading weaknesses, and provides recommendations for improving reading skills
  • Comprehensive evaluations can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to complete depending on the difficulty level of the reading material

Screening Evaluations

  • A series of short reading tasks
  • Produce a report that indicates whether a reading problem exists
  • Can be completed in approximately 20 minutes

Progress Evaluations

  • A select series of reading tasks that have previously been administered
  • Generates a report in graphic and written form that shows performance on each of the tasks that have been previously administered
  • The report documents improvements (or lack thereof) in reading progress
  • Progress evaluations can become part of a student’s Response to Intervention (RTI) record
  • Progress evaluations can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes