Our Tools

Easy to use! Our tools measure, and then improve, fluency. Fluency is speed + accuracy. No software to download, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.



A series of tasks that produce a report and recommendations.

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Measure and track progress on specific reading skills to determine fluency.

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Skill Builders

Help readers become fluent at identifying letters, letter sounds, and words.

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Progress Monitoring

Track improvement in reading skills over time.

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Two options available:


Full access to tools for families or organizations for an affordable monthly fee.


Limited usage of tools with the ability to upgrade account.

Using our tools:

  1. Subscribe or buy a trial membership.
  2. Create an administrator account and a student account.
  3. Instruct your student to respond as quickly and accurately as possible so the system measures your students skills correctly.
  4. All work is done and saved online.
  5. View results and reports immediately, and any time!