My Child Struggles With Reading Comprehension

My Child Struggles With Reading Comprehension

“My child struggles with reading comprehension,” or, “I think my child has dyslexia.” We hear these concerns all the time from worried parents at Reading Success Lab. Unfortunately, learning disabilities are common in the United States. About 15% of all children in the US will have some form of a diagnosable learning disability. There are different types of learning disabilities, which can get very confusing for parents. For example, there are different terms that are constantly being thrown around. Officially, there are three commonly recognized disabilities, but keep in mind, some children learn faster than others. Your child may not have a learning disability at all.

Of the three officially recognized learning disabilities in children, the most common is dyslexia. Dyslexic children are children who may have difficulty learning letters and numbers, and they may have difficulty understanding letters and sound correspondence. For instance, they see the letter 'T,' but they have difficulty remembering that the letter 'T' makes the 'ta' sound. Even more than that, dyslexic children often have difficulty blending sounds. For example, they will have difficulty remembering that the letters 'T' 'A' 'P' collectively makes the 'ta-ap' sound.

Another symptom of dyslexia is slow reading. Typically, this is because a child's brain is wired a little bit differently, so they just don't have the same processes that most kids have. The good news about dyslexia and other learning disabilities in children is that they can be overcome!

Reading Success Lab Really Works!

The inability to recognize letters and sounds correspondence and the inability to mix letters and sounds together may be a phonological memory issue. This is a process of the brain that helps us to hold sound information in our minds. If you are noticing that your child struggles with reading comprehension, it may be dyslexia, in which case, Reading Success Lab has the perfect program for your child.

We meet our students where they are, adapting to them to make the use of our educational tools as easy as possible for them. Perhaps your child is already reading full sentences, but he or she doesn't know how to derive the full meaning of the text. Reading Success Lab uses a combination of the best learning tools, along with online child tutors, to help our students grow in their reading and comprehension abilities.

Reading Success Lab was developed over a period of several years with some of the best instructors for children with learning disabilities and software developers in the world! We are proud to offer our patented Skill Builder software for children who struggle with reading comprehension. The combination of our industry-leading software and personal tutors quickly assess and determine the reader's strengths and weakness and then build a learning module that is customized for the student.

Available skill builders include letter recognition, word families, words for specific areas of academic study, and more. You will love the convenience of our state-of-the-art reading and learning software that is available at any time, from any location, and on any device. Contact Reading Success Lab today to learn more!

My Child Struggles With Reading Comprehension

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My Child Struggles With Reading Comprehension

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