Homeschool Reading Comprehension Curriculum

Homeschool Reading Comprehension Curriculum

Reading Success Lab offers the best homeschool reading comprehension curriculum. Our materials and courses are all available online, as are our personal tutors, which means you can access the resources that you need when you need them. As you know, all children are different, and children with reading disabilities can be a challenge to teach at home. Therefore, it is important that parents have a great resource that works. Reading Success Lab's reading comprehension program is extremely valuable because it is the most customizable reading program for children with reading disabilities on the planet!

We're Confident That Our Reading Comprehension Program Will Work for You

Hours of research have been completed to create our phonetic homeschool reading comprehension tools. The purpose of our curriculum is to make beginner readers successful in reading. Also, our curriculum is designed for slow readers, dyslexic readers, and children who other programs have given up on or marked as non-readers. There are many programs available that claim to be amazing, and they just don't work for many children. With Reading Success Lab, successful reading is guaranteed! We are so confident that you will love our program that we allow everyone to try it risk-free for 30 days.

How Does Reading Success Lab Reading Program Work? 

Reading Success Lab's homeschool reading comprehension curriculum is designed to bring readers to the point where there is no effort expended in trying to recognize words, no struggles of picking the right words out of thousands of memorized words and no stumbling through unfamiliar text.

The way that our homeschool reading comprehension curriculum has had so much success is by starting with sounds, moving on to blending, and embedding phonics into the brain through repetition. Basically, each lesson is just a set of words. We start with the sound. For example, all words will have the short “A” sound – hat, ram, dam, bag, etc. If there are words that your children struggle with, you can just have them read the words over and over again. It's all about repetition when learning how to read!

What to Expect from Reading Success Lab

Our reading comprehension curriculum goes through short “I”, short “O”, and short “U”, and then we provide students with a sentence review. This way, they will be able to use all of the words that they have memorized in sentences. Over time, lessons will become increasingly difficult, teaching students more and more phonetic rules. There are dozens of lessons including the reviews, and then there is a parent/teacher guide, different terms you should know, instructions for lessons with tips to help, an appendix, general rules for pronunciation and spelling, and more. By the time your child has finished our reading comprehension curriculum, they should be able to read paragraphs and have a firm grasp on reading and comprehension.

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If you would like to learn more about Reading Success Lab’s homeschool reading comprehension curriculum, we'd be glad to educate you about it. Just give us a call or reach out online!

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Homeschool Reading Comprehension Curriculum

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