Our Evaluations identify weaknesses that block reading progress
. A series of tasks will produce a report and recommendations.

We have three types of Evaluations

  1. Comprehensive Evaluations identify specific reading strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Screening Evaluations quickly identify probable reading problems.
  3. Progress Evaluations monitor reading progress over time in several reading skills, and meet the needs of Response to Intervention.

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What makes our Evaluations different?

  1. Most other Procedures measure only the accuracy of reading performance. Accurate reading performance that is painfully slow is not skilled Reading. This is why we measure both speed and accuracy. Fluent reading is both fast and accurate.
  2. Most other procedures do not provide an indication of a poorly developed skill that is blocking reading progress. Our assessments show the specific poorly developed skill that is blocking progress
  3. Most other procedures provide complicated reports that are available some time after the assessment. Our software provides instantly available reports that are designed to be readily understandable by parents.
  4. Our Evaluations show distinctive profiles of performance for common reading problems.

How do the Evaluations Work?

  1. A student gets a series of tasks that progression difficulty.
  2. The student responds to each item. The computer records the accuracy and speed of each response.
  3. For example, in the Word Identification Task, a word appears on the screen and the student responds by saying the word aloud and simultaneously pressing  the SPACEBAR. The computer determines response time from word appearance to SPACEBAR press.
  4. After the tasks, a report is generated that specifies possible reading problems detected based on patterns of performance, both good and poor. Different patterns indicate different problems. This report is designed to be easily readable by a non-specialist, such as a parent.
  5. The software shows where in the sequence of skills that performance breaks down. The performance profiles that result allow a targeting of the weak skill(s) that is blocking performance.

Features of our tools:

  • Quickly screen for the presence of a reading problem
  • Identify where in reading skills that automaticity (fluency) break down
  • Software generated matching of assessment profiles with profiles for students with a variety of reading problems
  • Our tools generate reading reports that are comprehensive, customized for the reader, and that can be edited to incorporate information generated by the educator or tutor

Our Evaluations

Identify weaknesses that block reading skills.