Assessments measure and track progress on critical reading skills to determine fluency.

Assessments determine if readers are fluent in:

  • Identifying letters, letter sounds, words and the meaning of words
  • Comprehending sentences, aural and written stories
  • Reading and understanding custom developed materials


Features of our Assessments

  • Computer based with results provided immediately. Results are reported as speed, accuracy, and grade level percentile.
  • Assessments measure both speed and accuracy
  • Results are reported as speed, accuracy, and grade level percentile
  • Assessments for kindergarten through adult
  • Assessments can be given as frequently as once per week to closely track reading progress
  • Assessments contribute to data-driven decision making
  • Assessments can be used in Response to Intervention (RTI) programs

Assessments available for use

  • Letter recognition in caps and lower case in multiple fonts
  • Word recognition for words from grade 1 to adult
  • Recognition of words from subject matter areas (e.g., biology, physics, social studies) in multiple grade levels
  • Understanding word meanings
  • Sentence understanding
  • Listening and reading comprehension

Find the underlying causes of reading problems.