Web tools to find reading problems and build reading skills.



Perform tasks and get a report and recommendations.
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Track progress on specific reading skills and determine fluency.
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Skill Builders

Help readers become better readers and spellers.
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Progress Monitoring

Track improvement in reading skills over time.
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Monthly Subscriptions start at $20 or try a Trial Package.

Uses for our Products

How the Lab Works

1. Purchase Use of our Online Tools

  • Monthly Subscription or Trial Packages available for families or schools and organizations.
  • Administrators access system and create student users as needed.

2. Use Tools

  • Student can now use Evaluations, Assessments, and Skill Builders
  • Administrators can manage the students and create custom materials.

3. View Reports

  • Identify reading strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make recommendations on reading interventions.
  • Track reading and spelling skills over time.

From our Customers

“I worked with you at Sequoia Charter High School in Mesa, AZ.  I am referring a friend to you. I told her about the program because her 8th grade daughter is struggling and I know this program works wonders, I’ve seen it first hand. I plan to use your program with my new job at the Job Corps. It will complement the program beautifully.  We have 19 years olds with a third grade reading level, we need a miracle program. Thank you so much for your excellent program,”
Shelley Baker

Perfect for use at Home or School

Our tools identify the source of a reading problem, help overcome problems, and can tailor a program to the particular needs of the student.

  • Only a computer and internet connection is needed
  • Meet standards of IEP's
  • Build vocabulary in any subject area.
  • Usages can be divided between students.

Start improving reading skills!

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